Check out a few snapshots of the latest happenings around Lauren Elan!

SO very exciting, after a year in my personal home office (aka loft guest room), I've picked up shop and moved to a legit studio on Toronto's Queen Street West! It's a thrilling upgrade and I couldn't be happier with the awesome Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood! If you are local to Toronto and would rather pick up your purchases directly- please email me for a shipping refund and we can set up a meeting time. *Based on completion of your item.

On the topic of neighbours... it just so happens that the new studio is very close to my favourite Toronto boutique, Bicyclette Boutique!! If you have not yet visited this fabulously curated shop (owned by my dear friend Paige Boersma), then you really should. Like... right now.

These are a few items that were used for our upcoming Holiday Wish Book. There was a definite lean towards all things girly, sparkly, pretty, and a party vibe that would make you want to slip into your party shoes and dance.

.... a few more shots from our Holiday Wish Book shoot wardrobe. The 10 page booklet should be out by the end of this week, at which point we will have copies available for those interested locally, or you can email request and I will send you one in the mail.

A peek behind the scenes of our Holiday Wish Book shoot. It was shot this past Saturday night, which ended up being a cold, rainy, windy evening.... and yes, we had planned to shoot outside. Luckily everyone involved rolled with the punches and we got it done. Thanks to our stellar make-up artist, Heather Snowie (you should check out her work at she's amazing), photographer Rob Nelson, and the amazing Kara Wark, Gillian Medina, and Elise Goodhoofd- who were not only a huge help, they also looked great (you too Rob:), and made the shoot super fun! 

Can't wait to share the book with you very soon!

xx Lauren Elan 


Great snapshots! :) Can’t wait to see the book.

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