Inspired Through the Senses.

I'm always scouring the blogosphere for fabulous images that nudge my creativity. 

Obviously jewellery tends to catch my eye the quickest, and this week I came across a few that I just had to share! I find creativity is so inspired by the senses; a glimmer of a beautiful crystal, the feel of a luxurious fabric, the sound of great music that gives you goose-bumps. The wonderful part about a job that involves creativity, is that it's usually these senses that directly affect the work you put out.

It's so wonderful to be able to work off the energy of others and I find the blog world is such a wonderful place to share and exchange that energy, so thank you to those of you that have undoubtably given me daily doses of inspiration!

 via Kayture

 via Jak & jil

 via They All Hate Us

via Tuula Vintage

via Covateur 

via Covateur

Happy Accessorizing!

Lauren Elan xx

PS_ eye spy with my little eye, 2 YSL arty rings- Can you tell I'm obsessed?


Great accessories! Those YSL rings are fabulous!

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