Winter Wish Book.

I'm so excited to share our Winter Wish Book with you all! It's our first Lookbook over here at Lauren Elan and I couldn't be happier with the results. Check it out! I would love to hear your feedback- Which piece is on your wish list? Enjoy!

Thank you so much to those involved that contributed to this fun project: Rob Nelson- Photographer; Heather Snowie- Make-up Artist; Elise Goodhoofd- Art Director & Graphic Design; Kara Wark & Gillian Medina- Model


Beautiful collection. I love the layered look of “Elena” and “Olivia” :) Great for the holidays!

Hi Lauren – your mom sent this to me and it all looks beautiful. just may have to order something for myself. wishing you all the best and congrats.

Fabulous Lauren!!!! I want them all xo…

Great web site girls…very well done!
It all looks very exciting…hope you do well.

Lauren, You are amazing!!!! Of course you couldn’t have done it without your great Team!!!!
P.S. I LOVE your stuff and I’m sharing your cards with everyone!!!

The Jude Necklace is fabulous!!! And I love all the stacked bracelets. I love everything.

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